Caring Tips for Your Intimate Wears

In normal circumstances, Bra does not need a daily unless a lot of sweating especially during summer time. Just place it in a ventilated area and reuse it when it regained its original shape and elasticity. In addition, avoid wearing the same underwear frequently as the accelerated wear will damage the fabric and lose its elasticity. In general, you are also recommended to replace the underwear after 6 months if they are worn frequently. 

Here come with the cleaning tips:

Step 1: Washing

To sustain a longer life of your underwear, the beat way is to clean it by hand, as far as possible to avoid put it into a washing machine and dryer, because the shoulder strap may be pulled or the bra shape may be deformed. 

In addition, dark and light-colored clothing should be washed separately. You can drop the detergent diluted in cold water, put underwear to soak for 20 minutes, gently rub by hands for about 3 minutes is sufficient, and then over the water. 

If you need to wash the underwear by washing machine, first to fasten the hook at the back to avoid it hook into the fabric, and then put it into a laundry bag tailor made for lingerie products. It can avoid deformation. 

Step2: Drying

Complete the washing step, use a dry towel to absorb excess water, and place it in a dry cool airy place. Hander clip should not be placed on stripes or side-panel of bra, but the centre-front position. It is for balance and prevents gravity stretched on one side. Always dry your intimate wear out of the sum because it will cause color fade, shrinkage, and or weakening the fabric. 

Step3: Storage of Your Lingerie

After washing and drying is over, store your lingerie carefully. Reshape the cups of the bra. Lay them flat on your drawer and just stack them on top of each other. All lingerie should never be hung on a clothes hander in the closet. Otherwise, the lingerie will lose shape and elasticity over time simply due to the weight of the garment . Besides, do not overstuff your drawer or your intimate lingerie will get wrinkled, and suffer snags when you open and close the drawer. 

How to care your sleepwear

Make sure to follow the best care practices, always check the washing instructions on the garment, in order to extend the life of your sleepwear. If silk, satin, lace or another delicate material is your favorite, hand up or gently fold delicately when you are not wearing them. Avoid overstuffing your drawers, as this will often result in sloppily wrinkled items, or even worse, tears or other damage. 

How to care your stocking

The cleaning method of stockings and lingerie are similar, it is recommended to wash separately from other garment as stockings are easily damaged. Once the stockings are clean, rolling them in a towel and does not wring out the water by force because it may cause deformation.  

How to care your swim wear 

Rinsing your suit with clean water will not keep chlorine, salty water and other elements from damaging your suit. Always washes by hands with mild soap after every use, never throw it in the washer or dryer. The heat in washers and especially dryers can quickly break down the spandex fibers in your swimsuit, causing it to stretch out and eventually come apart. 

After you have washed it, hand the swim wear outside and dry in a cool airy place. Do not air dry your swim wear out of the sun. 

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